The Cannes Lions Festival: CREATIVITY unleashed

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The Cannes Lions Festival is the world’s biggest get-together for the marketing and communications industry, which is held 18 – 22 June.

For decades, this event has brought together the most creative minds in the industry. Category winners receive a lot of prestige and coverage.

The Festival attracts over 16,000 delegates from 4,700 companies, all showing off their services and trying to attract new clients. The festival’s biggest contribution to the world of branding and marketing is the opportunity it provides to showcase new developments and highlight trends in the industry.

The structure of the event has  changed from previous years, running only five days instead of the original seven. There will be nine core areas, including communication, entertainment, craft, experience, innovation, good, reach and health. As always, the event provides an opportunity to hear some of the most creative CMOs and brand developers in the industry, such as P&G’s Chief Brand Officer Marc Prichard, Diageo’s CMO Syl Salle, Deloitte’s Global CMO Diana O’Brien and many more, all of whom will be panelists at The Economist’s “Wake Up” series.

The main news so far is that Google won the Creative Marketer of the Year, which honours brands that distinguish themselves through consistently outstanding creative storytelling.



Ergit Bedalli Ergit Bedalli

Marketing Communications professional who enjoys the development and implementation of marketing strategies,  public relations activities, both external and internal and brand engagement. Adept at executing complex creative projects and translating business goals into effective campaigns. Educational background in sustainability with an interest in both B2C and NGOs.

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