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When speaking to a life coach or a neuro-programming (NLP) therapist, you can end up confused by the words used. We are offering you here a series to allow you to get familiar with the language and even demystify it.

We use the expression ‘boundaries’ a lot when educating children, but boundaries are not only meant for setting rules.

A personal boundary defines the moment when people you interact with will cross the line. Your limit is usually defined by your system of values. When crossed, it will trigger anger, frustration or sadness.

Another boundary to define would be the space and power you give to others. It speaks about self-respect, self-love, self-recognition and worth. When your limits are not defined, it is open door to emotional abuse, invasion of your space or lack of respect for your needs.

This limit is the hardest to set as it places you in front of fears of rejection or abandonment. If you have difficulties to assert them yourself, it can be helpful to be supported by a professional to find the resource to allow you to place them, to help you release your fears and grow your confidence.


Article by Christel Mesey – Life coach, NLP Master practitioner, Healer, Intuitive Artist

Author of Drao Oracle Deck

Christel Mesey

Christel Mesey

De la découverte de soi à la guérison de l’être - Coach de vie, Maître PNL & Energeticienne
"C’est en apprenant à se connaître que l’on apprend à s’aimer inconditionnellement. C’est par la conscience de soi que l’humain atteint le bien-être et construit son bonheur."

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