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The 30th edition of the Grand Raid Mountain Biking Race was held in Valais last weekend. Some 3,000 bikers from all over Switzerland and 29 countries registered for the events, making it the most popular mountain bike race in Europe.

Intimidating as the off-road race is, there is one person that does not shy away from a tough physical challenge and seems to have pushed herself to another level.


Biking in the morning, football in the evening

Gaëlle Gabioud

Football player Gaëlle Gabioud, who plays for FC Sion in the women’s 1er league in Switzerland, joined the 125-kilometer relay race together with three friends. Gabioud biked 40 kilometers in 2 hours and 9 minutes before she went on and joined her football team in Glâne to play against FC Vuisternens/Mézières 1.

The footballer/biker said in an interview on FC Sion’s website that her coach, David Vernaz was informed about her plans ahead of time and after the 4-2 victory  Vernaz said: “She told me on arrival that her legs were a little heavy. But she played the ninety minutes!”

Indeed it was an unusual individual double performance by the central defender.


Grand Raid

More than 30,000 people travel to Valais each year to cheer on the bikers and experience the event in the Swiss mountain villages. Seen as the world’s leading mountain bike race, the Grand Raid offers four different departures with the longest one being 125 kilometers between Verbier and the finish in Grimentz, Val d’Anniviers.

The highest point of the race is the Pas-de-Lona at nearly 2,800 meters and the longest race has more than 5,000 meters altitude difference.




FC Sion Féminines

Grand Raid BCVS

Original article on 20 minutes

Interview with Gaëlle Gabioud on FC Sion website

FC Sion Féminines Facebook

Valais/Wallis Promotion



Football photo by Jared Weiss on Unsplash

Mountain bike photo by Jack Monach on Unsplash

Gaëlle Gabioud from FC Sion website

Diana Boldrini Diana Boldrini

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky

Perhaps the best ice hockey player of all time, Wayne Gretzky, clearly knew what he was talking about. Following my heart and seizing opportunities is something that I always strive for.

Whether creating impactful international high profile events; coordinating with contacts inside and outside my organization while providing quality administrative support; or providing personalized 5-star WOW-moments within the hospitality industry, the customer is always my key focus.


By being proactive and understanding and anticipating what customers want before they do. By being creative and having a solution minded approach with a "can-do attitude".

As an altruist, what drives me most at work is to be a part of a dynamic team and collaborate to reach a collective success. I genuinely care for colleagues and clients and love to build and nurture good relationships. For me, my passion for sport has the same impact in bringing people together.

I also love adding sparkles to my life and enjoy a "fika" (Swedish term for a casual social meeting over coffee and a pastry) while talking about ice hockey, ice hockey and ice hockey.

Another great man, Muhammed Ali, also said it well and this is one of my favorite mottos.

“Impossible is Nothing”

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