Top 5 packaging trends in 2021

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packaging trendsPackaging is a large part of a brand’s identity and greatly impacts a company’s success. Here we present some current packaging trends that are in the spotlight in 2021.

1. Full Transparency

packaging trends with organic monday

Organic Mondays’ mission is to make plastic-free periods easy. All of their hygiene care products are wrapped in Mater-Bi®, a compostable cornstarch-based material.


Sustainability and environmental awareness are popular topics for many consumers and are an important part of the marketing conversation to millennials and generation Z.

Companies are increasingly focusing on creating environmentally friendly packaging with the principle of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’, particularly shifting away from plastic, a big source of ocean and land pollution.

Apart from the raw material of the packaging, the ingredient list is another go-to for consumers who expect a clean label (with as few ingredients as possible!). Honesty and openness about what the packaging contains evokes trust for consumers who are increasingly interested in the background of the product’s creation.

2. Less Is More

happy maple packaging

Happy Maple Switzerland believes in swapping traditional sweeteners like sugar and honey for a sustainable, plant-based, antioxidant-rich, and vegan alternative that just makes you HAPPY. Their packaging design is very modern and pure just like their maple syrup.


Another strong packaging trend this year is Less is More, hence simplicity at its finest.

Minimalistic designs have the power to stand out from the crowd. Apart from evoking customer-valued transparency as mentioned earlier, minimalism is making the product more appealing to the already overloaded consumer. The market is filled with products of all colors, shapes, and sizes, thus, simple neutral packaging is a breath of fresh air.

Additionally, if it contains direct and contrasting text, it catches the consumers’ eye faster and allows the brand to get its point across quickly.

3. Brand Storytelling

new roots products

New Roots is creating a tradition for the future by crafting vegan cheese alternatives the traditional way in Switzerland – 100 percent plant-based, artisan, and organic. A company with a very unique story and strong values, which are excellently highlighted on their packaging.


The idea of brand storytelling is to create an original narrative to connect the brand to the consumer, by sharing their mission, background, and relatable values.

Brand storytelling is a popular practice used by many companies, but it is rarely displayed on the packaging.

After over a year of on and off restrictions to brick-and-mortar shopping, consumers grew used to purchasing online, and thus, e-commerce is predicted to continue to increase in 2021.

Therefore, brands are adjusting to this change with their packaging to remain relevant in the market. Without the tactile and personal experience of purchasing a product, storytelling on the packaging is a good opportunity for a brand to stand out and create a valuable customer relationship.

4. Old is New

Green wheel coffee products

Green Wheel Coffee continues to surprise consumers with the extraordinary taste of some of Colombia’s best and freshest coffees whilst creating a sustainable and fair business for the producers. Their packaging is not only environmentally friendly, the vintage design is authentic and manifests the high-quality coffee that they produce.


Over the years there were rapid advancements in technology, which could be at times a bit overwhelming especially for the boomers and millennials. Additionally, with increased environmental awareness, the trend of ‘what’s old is new again’ has been rising, evoking a sense of nostalgia for the targeted audience. Throwback designs are taking the consumers back to the past, creating memories that they can share with the younger generation. Vintage designs are connoting timeless quality that remains intact for years.

Green Wheel Coffee continues to surprise consumers with the extraordinary taste of some of Colombia’s best and freshest coffee beans whilst creating a sustainable and fair business for the producers. Their packaging is not only environmentally friendly, but the vintage design highlights authenticity and manifests the high-quality coffee that they distribute.

5. Connected Packaging

staying connected

LinkedIn now provides QR codes. Scan this and see where it takes you.


With the increased comfort provided by mobile devices, brands are turning into adding convenience to the shopping experience by creating multichannel packaging. There are multiple options to create a virtual link between a physical product and an online website, but one of the most popular in 2021 is an innovative scanning technology known as Virtual QR codes. QR stands for Quick Response, allowing the user to quickly access information online about an item in a store. Thanks to this technology consumers are having an opportunity to easily learn about a product, and the brands are creating a relationship with the consumer through captivating online content.

Let’s stay connected!

We would like to thank all the companies above who shared their insights on packaging trends, and for their help, information, and inspiring product messages.

Organic Mondays

New Roots

Green Wheel Coffee

Happy Maple

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