Fly non-stop anywhere on an ultra-long-haul flight

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In March, Qantas launched a non-stop 14,46- kilometres (8,991-miles) flight between London and Perth.

It is the first non-stop scheduled flight between Australia and Europe.

This is the start of a trend in ultra-long-haul flights that will see the world grow ever smaller. Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce, says he would like to also introduce direct flights from Sydney to London, Brisbane to Paris, and Melbourne to New York.

Additionally, United Airlines also announced that it will launch an 18-hour flight between Los Angeles and Singapore, which is approximately 14,000 kilometres (8,700 miles). Singapore Airlines is also contemplating a non-stop flight from Singapore to New York.

Not only will longer flights help passengers save time and avoid the problem of missing connecting flights, these new long-haul aircraft will also be more profitable. These ultra long-haul flights are now economically viable because of relatively stable fuel prices and new technology such as the composite materials used in some new aircraft.

How to survive 18 hours?

How do you cope with these flights if you are not in business class?

  • Move – once movement around the cabin is permitted, stretch your legs, and when you are seated rotate your ankles
  • Drink – lots of water keep yourselves well hydrated
  • Enjoy – the in-flight entertainment or read a book as time flies by when you are enjoying yourself
  • Lastly, wear comfortable clothes as a bit of bloating on the plane is inevitable due to the low atmospheric pressure.

So sit back, relax and enjoy your ultra-long-haul flight.


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