Notre revue de presse de la semaine passée : Du 21 au 25 juin 2021

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best of the weekLa rédaction de Geneva Business News vous propose de revenir sur l’actualité.

Reforming the International Refugee Regime by

As 2021 marks the 70th anniversary of the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees (1951 Convention), this article provides a brief overview of the origin of the international refugee regime, its recent developments, and some remaining challenges to enhance international cooperation in the area of refugee protection.


On croit connaître les samaritains, mais on ne sait pas tout ! par

Tout le monde a au moins une fois dans sa vie rencontré un samaritain. Mais qui sont réellement ces samaritains ?


GBN Podcast: Chris Samuel

In this week’s GBN podcast, Chris Samuel, a Graphic Designer working in GBN’s Communications and Multimedia departments, chats with Jasmine about tequila, dog toys, and making days better for yourself and those around you, among other things…and why someone would drop everything in New York and move to Geneva overnight!


5 top strategies for a successful business digital transformation by

The economic consequences of COVID-19 has changed the traditional ways of doing business. Now is the time to transform your company’s use of technology for the benefit of you and your customers.


Les pièces emblématiques des musées genevois by  

Lors des prochaines semaines nous ferons un tour des musées genevois afin de leur demander quelle est leur pièce emblématique.


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