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La rédaction de Geneva Business News vous propose de revenir sur l’actualité. Au sommaire : Tu fais quoi pendant la quarantaine?, Instagram best practices, differences between Chinese and Swiss approaches to business etiquette, and why you should go gently on your kids during the lockdown.


Instagram Best Practices You Should Be Following in 2020 by 

Want to market your business on Instagram? Before launching your new account, check out the top 9 Instagram best practices you should be following in 2020.

In 2019, companies spent approximately $20 billion to advertise on Instagram. So how can your brand’s profile stand out against the competition? Start with a clear game plan.


Five Things China and Switzerland do Differently in Business by 

China has restarted business after 2 months’ of lockdown, continuing its role as one of the global economy’s biggest players. Several Swiss companies are already well settled in China, many others are also tempted to look for a bigger market there. In order to do that, it helps to keep in mind that the Chinese business culture is vastly different from that of Swiss. Here are 5 noticeable differences between Chinese and Swiss business etiquette.

In China, apart from long meetings, a lot of relation-building happens at the dinner table in a restaurant. The person in charge will talk to you to gauge what kind of person you are, while the others will make sure you get the best pieces of food and your glass is never empty.


Kids are Incredible: Go Gently on Them by 

During this stay at home period, the kids need to be given some slack. Let them lead, and let them breathe.

Cut the kids some slack, go easy on them and watch how they flourish within it all and how they learn about the shifting tides of human nature and the abundance of love, caring and gentleness and creative brilliance that people can display in times of extreme crisis.


Tu fais quoi pendant la quarantaine? by

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