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Over the past few years, there has been a greater appreciation to remain local when thinking about where to book a holiday. Some are concerned about the environmental impacts of long-distance travel. Or for the people who live in Geneva, a recognition that this happening and forward-looking town is quite a good place to stay during the summer.

The same can be said also for Switzerland; the country provides a lot of activities for young and old. And let’s face it, the heat comes to us now – we do not have to go looking for it as much.

For others, summer is a constrained time for those looking for work or who are wanting or needing to change jobs.

It might seem a slow time of the year without many opportunities for people searching for employment. However, as we explain here, there are good reasons to look, and apply for, jobs in summer, including the fact that many companies actually increase their recruitment in summer; it is a good period in which to send unsolicited cover letters; and as it is a quiet time for a lot of people who stay in town, networking is easier.

In the meantime, make sure you check out our article on how to make your CV more professional using some easy to follow tools on the internet. Here you can read up on how to make your interview experience better and write a great attention-grabbing cover letter.

For those looking for a longer read on the beach, check out our interesting profile of Olivier Clerc, a Geneva writer who focuses on personal development and spirituality.

Finally, as we reported, try not to work over your holiday break, purely for health reasons. Rather, sit back and enjoy what is left of the summer!



Addison Holmes Addison Holmes

I am a writer and teacher. My professional focus is on teaching language skills to ESL students. My management experience in the private sector and with various international organisations has led me to specialise in teaching business English. I work to ensure that business people who need to use English as a second-language can understand, and can be understood and better express themselves in their professional field.

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