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While GBN prides itself on covering many subjects and issues, local and international, it is always satisfying learning about others.

We have profiled quite a few interesting personalities and their jobs, exploring what motivates them, the challenges and successes they encounter and enjoy. Plus importantly, why they choose to do their job and what their job brings to them.

Take Jean-Claude François, a Genevois who has provided time and his own resources to helping Haiti after the tragic earthquake in 2010. Or closer to home, Aza Farag and the challenges and rewards of working for the Hospice General. Then Irma Capo-Chichi describes how she brought her skills and experience in logistics in the private sector to UNICEF.

Kim Pasche, from Vaud, explains what he has learnt about community – and society – by spending time alone trapping in Canada. Local politician Natacha Buffet-Desfayes gives her view on some issues affecting Geneva, and finally, Lilian Espinoza outlines what makes a great personal assistant in this unique international city.

All these profiles highlight the human potential to do good, improve yourself, and create your own opportunities, whether it be improving lives, being the best one can be at work or building and working towards a goal.

As the maxim says, “Whether you think you can, or you can’t, you’re right.”


Addison Holmes Addison Holmes

I am a writer and teacher. My professional focus is on teaching language skills to ESL students. My management experience in the private sector and with various international organisations has led me to specialise in teaching business English. I work to ensure that business people who need to use English as a second-language can understand, and can be understood and better express themselves in their professional field.

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