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Céline Gatignon

When was the last time you rode 100 kilometers…for a charity? Local girl Céline Gatignon does it, and will do a lot more. And soon she will be cycling around Thailand to raise money for Hands Across the Water, and Australian charity. To find out more, and to help her cause, you can read the article by Isabel Garcia-Gill about Gatignon’s adventures.

We also feature another portrait by Niati Mavungu of the remarkable Bernard Piguet, who founded the local auction house Piguet.

Want to know what a Senior Customer Coordinator does? Check here, and let Leila Ouraied Da Costa teach you all about their important role bridging management, clients and teams.

We also have articles on Blockchain, Geneva’s Rath museum, why Switzerland needs more workers in the near future, and finally a look at business analysts who bring change to companies by our very own specialist Ourida Cherpillod.


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