GBN Podcast: Sergio Bobadilla

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Welcome to Bon Matin!, a GBN podcast. GBN is a collaborative platform that draws on the multicultural richness of its experts. Our articles are enriched by diverse arguments in the spirit of Geneva, a very international city, where we investigate and write outside the box. GBN is your partner for any information concerning the state of the employment market in Geneva, where, in a constantly changing environment, our mission is to build an interactive platform. Through Bon Matin! you will discover the many unique portraits that make us a vibrant and unique community.

Today Jasmine Benson sits down with Digital Marketing Specialist Sergio Bobadilla, who’s currently working in the Communications and Editorial departments at GBN.  They talk about the positives of being persistent, things to do with a DeLorean, being confident, and starting over…

Who is Sergio Bobadilla?

Sergio is a digital marketing specialist, helping companies to develop their digital strategy to increase sales conversion and profitability.

He strategically assembles all digital elements such as e-commerce, digital campaigns, social media strategy, the CRM program, business intelligence, and analytics enabling all the pieces to come together for maximum impact.

• ✈️ Digital marketing specialist with international experience in such diverse industries as digital agencies, e-commerce, automotive, tourism, sports, and NGOs.

• 💰 Developing successful digital ecosystems through knowledge of the operation of key areas such as B2C, digital media, creative, CRM programs, business intelligence, social media, and analytics.

• 💡 Conceptualization, implementation, and successful coordination of B2C projects.

• 🎯 Development of more than 300 digital campaigns of branding and conversion (landing pages, AdWords, display, video, mobile, and programmatic media buying).

• 👍🏻 Proven experience in implementing social media strategies that engage audiences since 2008.

• 🚕 Implementation of publication hub for Ford’s website and other 5 countries in the LATAM market. Ford Motor Company took our workflow as a role model to be implemented in LATAM countries.

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